Silk Sleep Mask - Black

$49.95 $59.95 -17% OFF

Silk Sleep Mask - Black

$49.95 $59.95 -17% OFF
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The Same Material Recommended By Beauty Influencers, Skin Doctors & Over 400,000 Satisfied Users is Now Even Better…

  • The Secret – BeautyWeave™. Our Superior 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk - 6A MedSpa Quality, Woven to Maximize Effect
  • Hair Silkifying – Natural anti-friction properties mitigate split-ends, tangling, hair damage & bed head
  • Age Defying – 43% less friction for smooth ‘sleep’ movement & fewer wrinkle-causing tugging
  • Anti Creasing – Smooth surface defies deep line-causing night creases on delicate aging skin
  • Pore Nourishing – Unrivaled breathability lets your pores natural cleansing process do its best work
  • Moisture Retaining – Won’t sap away skin & hairs natural moisture like cotton, polyester and satiny pillowcases
  • Anti Yuck – Silks natural defensive properties mean allergy-triggering enemies can’t survive
  • OhSoCool & Blissfully Breathable – Say goodbye to hot, sweaty nights. This silky soft friend aids body temperature regulation
  • Anti-Wrinkle Surface supports sexier hair, clear glowing skin & the dreamy sleep experience
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