Simple Nighttime Routines to Take Care of Your Hair

Simple Nighttime Routines to Take Care of Your Hair

Most of us spend up to half an hour every night on skincare before climbing into bed. Doesn't our hair deserve the same treatment? Establishing a good nighttime routine for hair care can transform your locks from an unmanageable mess into luscious, easy-to-style hair.

At SoSilky, we believe in the value of a good night's sleep. Sleep is crucial for maintaining and nourishing your hair's vitality, contributing to its health and beauty. To help you (and your hair) wake up feeling refreshed and enriched, we've researched the best nocturnal routines for taking care of your hair.

Routines for Your Hair Type

Everyone's hair is different, meaning that not all regimens will work for your hair. Certain products, methods, and treatments can affect your locks differently from those of other people, based on your hair's texture and natural moisture level.

Let's talk about a few tips to nourish and protect various hair types.

Dry, Frizzy Hair

dry frizzy hair

If you have naturally dry and frizzy hair, you're probably accustomed to waking up with a poofy mess on your head each morning. You might have to resort to wetting, detangling, and restyling your hair before starting your day—a practice that can be exhausting to maintain day-in and day-out. Styling wet hair can also cause it further damage.

The most important factor to consider with your hair type is its moisture level. You'll want to find a way to keep your hair hydrated during the night and avoid anything that might dry it out further.

A few ways to retain the moisture of your hair at night include:

  • Using a leave-in conditioner
  • Applying a hair treatment
  • Sleeping with a mulberry silk scarf over your hair
  • Braiding your hair

Deep conditioning is one of the best ways to keep your hair hydrated and healthy, but if you choose to apply a conditioner, be sure to rinse it out in the morning with lukewarm water. Avoid the damage that hot water can cause; as a result, the moisture will lock into your hair all day.

A mulberry silk sleeping cap or scarf will hold your hair follicles in place and keep your hair away from the rough fabrics of your bedding. Alternatively, sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase will benefit dry hair since the smooth fabric won't absorb and hold the moisture as other fabrics may. Studies show that mulberry silk helps to maintain the body’s hydration level by minimizing moisture loss and sweating circulation.

Oily Hair

oily hair

When your hair naturally produces excess oil, we know that you have a tough time keeping it from looking too greasy. Going to sleep without any sleep care routine for your oily scalp can exacerbate the problem, causing your hair to feel even dirtier when you wake up.

Add these to your routine for oily hair:

  • Use a dry shampoo powder before bed
  • Change bedding often
  • Use a hair treatment for oily hair

How often you change your bedding plays a big part in controlling the oiliness of your hair. Oils from your hair and skin will build up on your absorptive cotton pillowcase and sheets over time, and a pillowcase saturated in skin oil will lead to an even greasier head. Keeping your bedding fresh will give you a significant advantage in battling the oiliness of your hair.

Even better, try sleeping on mulberry silk pillowcases, which are smoother and less absorbent than cotton or synthetic blends. Also, since scalp perspiration contributes to the oiliness level of your hair, the cooling properties of mulberry silk will contribute to keeping your body temperature better regulated to reduce sweating at night.

Unless you wash your hair daily, dry shampoo powder can be a lifesaver for you if your hair is overproducing oil. Put a bit of the powder in your roots and brush it through your hair before bed. The powder will absorb the oil, and you'll wake up feeling more refreshed than ever.

Straight Hair

straight hair

Straight hair doesn't get quite as bad of a reputation for being challenging to maintain as other hair textures, but it can still suffer just as much from a lack of a nightly hair care routine. Maintaining the hydration and health of your hair is key if you want luscious-looking straight locks.

Without overnight protection, your hair can develop dryness, friction damage, and split ends that might leave your hair looking frizzy and dull.

Some things you can do for full, healthy hair:

  • Use nourishing hair treatment
  • Use dry shampoo powder
  • Braid or twist your hair
  • Sleep on mulberry silk pillowcases

If you want to add some texture to your hair without heat styling, you can braid or twist your hair and sleep on it to create natural waves by the time you wake up. Using mulberry silk scrunchies will ensure that the hair tie won't damage your hair while you're sleeping.

Curly Hair

curly hair

Everyone knows that curly hair can be tough to maintain on a daily basis. A lot of work goes into styling your curls to perfection, and for people without a good bedtime hair care routine, all that work can go to waste while you're sleeping.

Things you can add to your routine for healthy, lasting curly styles:

  • Use mulberry silk scrunchies to braid or tie up your hair
  • Sleep with a silk cap or scarf or on mulberry silk sheets and pillowcases
  • Use oil or hair lotion
  • Use deep conditioner before wash days

While you're sleeping, the friction created between your hair and your bedding fabric will effectively ruin your curls overnight. To prevent this, you can tie your hair in loose braids or a high bun to keep your curls together.

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