8 Beauty Tips to Do Before Sleeping

8 Beauty Tips to Do Before Sleeping

A proper beauty routine really does make all the difference. With as hectic as things can get, it can sometimes be tricky to stick to a nightly beauty routine. On top of that, there’s so much information on the internet that it can be hard to sort the helpful advice from the not so helpful.

Most of us don’t have the time or money to consult a beauty expert just to find the right routine, so in the interest of keeping things straightforward, easy to follow, and super helpful, here are eight beauty tips you need to try before you go to sleep every night. Give these beauty tips a try to help your beauty shine and keep up a healthy routine for you and your skin.

1. Prioritize Your Nightly Routine

nightly routine

Your nightly routine needs to stick. It’s easy to make exceptions when traveling or getting back home late at night, but every night counts when you’re forming a new bedtime skincare habit.

Washing your face needs to be a priority, and the best way to make that happen is to set aside the time for your routine every night. If it’s hard for you to remember, try setting a reminder on your phone that goes off at the same time every night.

2. Don’t Forget to Moisturize


Hydrators really help in keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. They soften fine lines and are ideal to use right after exfoliating. Try a hydrating overnight mask, and be sure to go with something that isn’t too greasy or heavy. A good thing to look for will be something that has water as its first ingredient.

3. Toner Is Your Friend

Toner is your friend

Think of toner as your face’s first line of defense. With all that it deals with on a daily basis, it could use a little bit of help. Toner works by restoring the natural pH levels and clearing out dirt and other undesirables. It also makes your skin more resistant to acne, bacteria, and many other things.

It’s very simple to apply, and all you need is a small amount. Use a cotton pad to gently apply it to your neck and face.

4. Brush It Up

facial cleansing

Want to clear your pores, get rid of dead skin, smooth out imperfections, and keep breakouts from happening? A facial cleansing brush will help with all of those things. Once you’ve got a facial cleanser you like, just apply it and gently brush it in. This will keep your skin refreshed and relaxed, ideal for sleeping.

One important thing to keep in mind: don’t forget to clean your brush after every use and replace it every couple of months or so.

5. Eye Cream Is a Must

applying eye cream

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then eye cream will keep those windows spotless and give them a natural glow.

Once you’ve removed all of your makeup, try out an eye cream for best results. Top-tier eye creams have many beneficial ingredients, such as peptides, which will hydrate and moisturize your eyes and bring down things like fine lines and wrinkles.

The best eye creams are those that are lightweight and contain peptides, brighteners, caffeine, and antioxidants.

6. Tie Your Hair

long hair

Keeping your hair tied at night goes beyond personal preference or simple opinion. Not only does tying your hair prevent beauty products from getting smudged overnight or oils from your hair getting trapped on your face, but it can also keep away knots and tangles when you wake up in the morning.

Don’t put yourself in a position where your hair makes you break out. Try this Silk Scrunchie Set and get those locks under control!

7. Stay Hydrated

hydrate before you sleep

Staying hydrated might seem a little out of place in a list that’s mainly focused on beauty products, but proper hydration is crucial for not just your physical and mental well-being but also the well-being of your skin and hair. Proper moisturizing starts with drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. For best results, try to drink that final glass of water right before bed.

8. Get That Beauty Sleep

beauty sleeping

Of all the beauty tips we’ve covered so far, this might just be the most important. They call it beauty sleep for a reason, after all. Lack of sleep leads to some unsightly issues like under-eye bags, so eight hours of sleep every night is essential.

Try to cut down on electronics time before bed, and consider using a blue light filter on your phone to help promote a more natural sleep cycle. Finally, complete your routine with this incredible Silk Sleep Mask, and you’ll be fast asleep in no time.